Hey there! Welcome to my small space on the web. I am Omkar Pathak, a computer geek and a Python aficionado. I love to code. Huge fan of open source software and an active contributor on GitHub. Other than programming, I love to sketch and read Agatha Christie's novels. When I am not coding, you can find me on Quora and Medium. I have also started taking an active interest in photography lately.

Probably you may want to know more about me

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My passion is creating full stack web applications while my interest lies in Data Science and Machine Learning. I am huge fan of Python language and love to give back to the Python community by making some useful projects.

In high school and college, I was the kid that seemed to never pay attention. I hated attending lectures. But on the same page, I love to learn and explore new technologies. I am very keen in applying my knowledge to practical use cases and creating a few projects using them.

You can see all my projects here. I always strive to write concise and effective code. Most of my projects are open-sourced and come with MIT/GPL3 license. You are free to modify the source code and free to use as you want.

Apart from programming I also love to travel. Lush green serene places excite me to a greater extent. Experiencing new places and eating various cuisines is the favourite part of my life!

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Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.
-Vernon Law

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