Welcome to my small space on web. Below are some of my qualitites that I pursue as hobbies or when I bored. Other than these you can find me really fond of Agatha Christie novels.

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Kubra Saeedi

I am very happy of working with Omkar. The support he provided for his codes available on github is really appreciatable. His availability to answer all my of questions, made me to accomplish my objectives on time and helped me to learn coding.

Shriya Jadhav
Assistant Professor, MMCOE

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that Extra" and I have always found Omkar adding that extra factor in whatever work he does. He is hardworking, honest and is always in pursuit of knowledge. The first impression about Omkar that anyone will find is his technical acumen and intelligence. His real skill lies in bringing novelty in the projects he undertakes. He has a good handson experience with Python and has developed good application based on Internet of Things.

Anish Avachat
Founder at Truso

Omkar did his summer internship with Truso after graduation. He showed maturity, eagerness to learn and also applied his skills on new technologies. He was a crucial part of the dev team and handled the responsibility with great ownership.