Freelance Software Development Projects

Gym Member Manager

This project was made for helping a gymnasium to help them maintain the records of all their members. One striking feature of this app is the real time notifications. Owner will receive notifications as and when member's subscription is about to end.


Invoice Generator

This app was made to help a local mechanical shop to maintain all their sales record and generate invoices in PDF format. They were very happy the way application handles the historical records and creates reports out of it as and when required.


Invoice Generator For Dairy Shop

This small Django application was made in order help a local dairy shop to generate bills in one click. They used to maintain an excel sheet with all the records of customers and their monthly sales. They wanted a system to quickly generate all the bills. They got one and were happy. Earlier they used to use hand written bills which took a lot of time. This system does this in seconds!



A Django project pretty close to my heart. Tried to replicate basic functionality of Notion app. Stiking features? Fast search, note sharing and encrypted contents! It was thrilling developing this. Simple yet powerful concept for learning any new technology.